How we got here



Bringing a product idea to market is hard.

We started Enventys in 2001 to make it easier for independent inventors and companies alike to turn their ideas into market-ready products.

We were soon flooded with independent inventors with great ideas every single day. Nearly everybody had the same problem, though: no funding.



We turned that problem into an opportunity when we created Everyday Edisons to provide not just the funding but all of our product development expertise to inventors in need.

Many successful products as well as Emmys, Tellys and Addys soon followed as Everyday Edisons was broadcast on PBS stations in the United States and all around the world.



We acquired the world's only inventor-centric magazine, Inventors Digest, to educate and inspire innovators across the globe.



A few hundred people showed up to the first Everyday Edisons casting call. By Season 3, we were filling major convention centers. Finally, everyday inventors could pitch their ideas to Fortune 500 companies!

The success of the show highlighted a new opportunity: "What if we could create a marketplace that connected ideas with licensing partners in the consumer products space?"

We created Edison Nation as the first platform of its kind to help everyday inventors turn their product ideas into real products on retail shelves worldwide.



With the mission of disrupting traditional healthcare innovation, we launched Edison Nation Medical in partnership with Carolinas HealthCare System, one of the largest such systems in the United States. Edison Nation Medical is now the trusted resource for healthcare inventors worldwide.



Edison Nation provides the most opportunities for your great ideas to reach their greatest potential in a secure, trusted and proven environment.