Costs & Payments

It is $25 to submit an idea. This submission fee covers a portion of the cost we take on to review each idea submitted to our platform. You will not be asked to pay any additional fees after the submission fee.

Insider members submit new ideas for $20 each with the ability to opt-in existing ideas to searches for free. Does this sound like a benefit for you? Explore the benefits of being an Insider here.

Insider membership is $99 for a full year or $9.25 a month, automatically debited each month.

It costs $100 to submit your idea for consideration in the ILP. If your idea is accepted into the program, you will have an entire team working on your behalf on your idea to see its way to the market.

While each deal is unique, if an idea is selected for licensing, the partner will traditionally offer a licensing "success fee" which we split with you, 50/50.

The Edison Nation team will continue to work with the partner to see through your idea's development. If/when it hits the market you will receive 50% of the royalties earned.

Remember: the market decides what products will ultimately succeed or fail. Our success is your success. The Edison Nation Licensing team works very hard to secure competitive royalty structures on your behalf.

If your product idea is selected by the ASOTV Team, tests successfully and we bring it to market, you receive 7.5% of adjusted gross revenue.