The Edison Nation dashboard consists of 8 stages in which submissions are reviewed. After submitting, your idea will appear on the Dashboard with a green check on stage one. Congratulations, you have successfully submitted an idea!

In time, Edison Nation will evaluate your submission on each stage.

A green check mark means you have passed that stage and are currently being evaluated on the next. A red X unfortunately means your submission is no longer being considered for the search. A green check on stage 7 means your idea has been selected by Edison Nation to be presented to the sponsor. A green check on stage 8 means that your idea has been selected for commercialization!

Updates to your submissions are always displayed in real-time on your dashboard. Click here to view your idea submission updates on your dashboard.

This is simply shorthand for the stages your idea may or may not move forward.

"G" stands for green, as in the green checkmark that you see on your dashboard when your idea passes a stage.

"R" stands for red, or the red X you see on your dashboard when your idea does not pass a stage.

As an example, G5 means you passed Stage 5, whereas R2 means you did not pass Stage 2 of the review.

Click here to learn more about the stages of evaluation.

If you submitted your idea to a sponsored innovation search, it means the Edison Nation team will present your idea to the company that hosted the search. Congratulations! You are in a select group of people who reach G7 status.

This is a hard question to answer because it varies greatly. A lot of variables are in play, such as: how many searches are currently running on Edison Nation (EN), how many presentation dates are coming up, when you submitted your idea, and more.

The time it takes to review your idea depends on the search specifics, as well as the volume and complexity of submissions. In general, stages 1 through 3 move quickly. We typically begin reviewing stages 4 and beyond after the search has closed. After stage 4, EN is conducting extensive reviews so the time frame of movement seems to be longer.

Please expect that all concepts will be reviewed up until the presentation date. This presentation date is usually set a few weeks following the close of the search. After the presentation has been given to our partner, they have between 45 days and 6 months to decide which ideas they'd like to move forward on.

The EN Team works very hard to move this along as quickly as we can, and we promise to keep you updated along the way. Join the forums where you'll usually likely find a topic dedicated solely to a search. Here, you can collaborate with fellow inventors who are going down the same path as you! And don't forget to check for movement on your dashboard.

If your idea is not selected, it doesn't necessarily mean it isn't a good idea! If you we're an Insider at the time you submitted your idea, you can use the feedback provided to decided if it should be edited and resubmitted.

Each search has its own criteria. What works for one partner may not work for another. Also, if your idea doesn't move forward in a search, take a step back and try to understand why. Can you improve it or make changes? We invite you to edit your submission and resubmit it to future searches.

Unfortunately, we do not offer feedback for all participants who submit ideas to Innovation Searches.

Feedback is available to our Insider members from the review team as to why their idea was not selected to move forward. This feedback is based on information received from the partnering company or from the review team as a whole. This is a feature for Insiders only and is not available retroactively for ideas submitted prior to upgrading to an Insider.

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