Top Frequently Asked

You don't need a patent to submit an idea. We're open to all great, new ideas.

All ideas are protected and never shared publicly until licensed. All reviewers and potential licensing partners are subject to strict confidentiality.

If you have a patent or patent-pending idea, you are welcome to submit it to any of our current searches.

You may also want to look into our Insider Licensing Program. If selected, you can have the Edison Nation Licensing team working on your behalf to help secure a deal with one of our partners. If your idea selected for commercialization by a retailer, Edison Nation will invest in any necessary patent applications, filings and maintenance. Your name will be included on any patent or patent application that we file on your behalf after your idea has been selected.

Edison Nation members who upgrade to Insider membership have access to these features (please note, these features are not available retroactively for ideas submitted as a free member):

Save money. Submit ideas for just $20 each and opt them into current or future searches for free.

Free Submission Coupons. 4 Coupons upon Annual Membership Signup ($99). For Monthly Insider Accounts, 1 Coupon rewarded after every 4 consecutive monthly payments.

Feedback at all stages. We'll offer feedback on your idea if it's not selected to move forward at any stage in the review.

Access to the Insider Licensing Program. We'll work to license your patented or patent-pending ideas.

Insider points. Earn reward points for each stage your idea passes, and use these points for free submissions, and more.

Review priority. Your ideas are reviewed ahead of the rest.

Potential to Earn. Insider members have the opportunity to earn success fees for passing the Survey, Web Test and TV Test stages in the ASOTV search!

Magazine Subscription. FREE subscription to Inventors Digest!

The Edison Nation dashboard consists of 8 stages in which submissions are reviewed. After submitting, your idea will appear on the Dashboard with a green check on stage one. Congratulations, you have successfully submitted an idea!

In time, Edison Nation will evaluate your submission on each stage.

A green check mark means you have passed that stage and are currently being evaluated on the next. A red X unfortunately means your submission is no longer being considered for the search. A green check on stage 7 means your idea has been selected by Edison Nation to be presented to the sponsor. A green check on stage 8 means that your idea has been selected for commercialization!

Updates to your submissions are always displayed in real-time on your dashboard. Click here to view your idea submission updates on your dashboard.

It is $25 to submit an idea. This submission fee covers a portion of the cost we take on to review each idea submitted to our platform. You will not be asked to pay any additional fees after the submission fee.

Insider members submit new ideas for $20 each with the ability to opt-in existing ideas to searches for free. Does this sound like a benefit for you? Explore the benefits of being an Insider here.

In order to submit your idea to Edison Nation, we ask you to sign an Innovator Agreement.

Your Innovation Search submissions are kept private on the Edison Nation site and held in the utmost confidence by our staff. However, if your idea passes the evaluation by the EN Team (stage 7 greenlighted on your dashboard), it is presented to the retailer or manufacturer that sponsored the search or potential licensing partners. Please know that all of our partners sign nondisclosure agreements with EN prior to any presentation.

When an idea is selected, we announce it to the EN community with the approval of the inventor without disclosing details regarding the actual invention until it is properly protected. We are careful to keep the actual concept a secret to be sure not to harm the product's marketability.

Edison Nation accepts ideas through our secure online submission process.

First, check out what searches we have running. You'll find we regularly work with household companies to help them find new product ideas. If you see a search that's a fit for your idea, submit!

We understand that we may not always have a search running that fits your idea. The Edison Nation Licensing Team hosts an ongoing search for new consumer product ideas in all categories.

Our Edison Nation ASOTV Team also hosts a search for new hit TV products that is open to you at all times.

If you'd like to learn more about the successful products that have come from our platform, please read through our success stories!