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A Licensing Deal for Hugimals!

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A licensing deal for Marina Khidekel! 

Marina took her children's toy idea from initial concept to a quality children's product with commitment, dedication and believing in herself and her idea. Hugimals is a beautiful line of cuddly, calming, weighted stuffed animals for kids and adults that make you feel as if they're hugging you back.

Hugimals was created to combine the emotional connection of a favorite stuffed animal with the calming benefits of a weighted blanket. When you snuggle up with a Hugimal on your lap, or lay with it on your chest, your Hugimal gives you the sense of feeling safe, grounded, calm and secure with its extra weight.

As you know, licensing is the first step! Stay tune for the launch date! And...Never stop believing in yourself!

Congratulations, Marina!

Jacob Downey
Constantine Orfan
Danny Blacker
Rodney Goodrich
Derrick James
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williamj's Avatargold

Congratulations Marina!!!

Derrick James
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dljinnovations's Avatargold

Congrats Marina.  All the best to your idea for a successful launch.

Vee R___
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vtac's Avatar

Congratulations, this is fabulous news!

Derrick James
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wherritt's Avatarg8_badge

Congrats Marina

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Huge congratulations Marina, please share your your story with all of us. We could use some inventing inspiration!!

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