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February InvENtor of the Month!

acarroll6's Avataren_staff_badge

Let's give a huge HOORAY to Karen! 

Karen has been part of our Edison Nation community since 2019. She considers herself a creative, problem-solver and we have to agree!

She loves thinking outside the box, and has received many eye-rolls from it but attributes that to her journey in becoming a mental health professional where she is able to help individuals embrace their uniqueness. Very neat, Karen!

The quote she is known for is “Be who you are meant to be”.

Karen says, “Whenever someone gives me an eye-roll, I simply say, “Be who YOU are meant to be and I’ll be me - a creative and confident innovator!”

Congratulations, Karen! Thank you for being part of our Edison Nation Community!

Karen will also receive a free submission!

Judy Mason
Tim Montgomery
Rodney Goodrich
Derrick James
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williamj's Avatargold

Congratulation Karen, enjoy your month. (what's left of it - LoL)

Derrick James
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dljinnovations's Avatargold

Congratulations Karen.  Make good use of and have fun with the free submission.

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