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June InvENtor Of The Month!

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Congratulations, Nicole Norris!

We are excited to have Nicole Norris as our Edison Nation invENtor of the month!

Nicole has been part of our EN community since 2017.

When we asked what keeps her motivated and inspired, a quote, a song…, she said without hesitation, “My amazing young daughters, Ashton and Savannah.” She says seeing them play, their imagination and watching them as they try to solve problems is encouraging and inspirational in her creative journey.

Thank you Nicole for being part of our strong community of innovators!

Nicole will also receive a free submission!

Happy Inventing!

Judy Mason
C. R.
Darlene Batrowny
Elizabeth Crouch
Rodney Goodrich
Derrick James
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dljinnovations's Avatargold

Congratulations on being selected IOM Nicole.  That's a great source of inspiration.  Children are just so naturally creative and imaginative.  It's too bad most of us lose that as we grow into adulthood, and have to consciously learn how to do it when it use to come so effortlessly as a child.

Nicole Norris
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xfile951's Avatar

 Thank you to EN staff who selected me and Thanks Derrick !!... You are a rock in the forums.  I wish they would give you that award.  I am very thankful and blessed for this opportunity and my girls were excited to see their name on the internet lol!... I've learned so much and connected with a lot of amazing people.  Hopefully my free submission will be a successful one.(fingPost Reply

ers crossed).

Rodney Goodrich
Tim Montgomery
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betzy's Avatarg8_badge

Congratulations Nicole!  Enjoy your special month!

Nicole Norris
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tjm's Avatar

   Congrats !  Nicole ,  enjoy your whole month and free submission  ! TJM.

Nicole Norris
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williamj's Avatargold

Congratulations Nichole!!! I wish all the success in the world.

Nicole Norris
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buffdon's Avatargold

Congratulations Nicole!

Nicole Norris
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estrella37's Avatar

Congratulations, Nicole!

Nicole Norris
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