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New EN Site Look!

kristina.poindexter's Avatar

Hey Everyone! 

So insiders got a sneak peek in Room 5 but now it's time we let you all know that the front facing side of Edison Nations site has been given a makeover! 

The new Edison Nation site will begin undergoing the change Tonight (3/18/19) at 10 PM Et.

*If you have any issues between 10 PM ET and 9AM ET, know that the web team is working to get all areas of the site up. 

We've been working hard on a refreshing Edison Nation's look and feel to keep up with the times.

We can think of this as a EN makeover, all cosmetic but nothing that changes who we are at the core.

We started with the logo...

This logo transformation was one that really took some time because we wanted to keep the meaning behind it.

Our team worked hard to get the rights to Edisons signature by joining forces with the Charles Edison Fund and the Edison Innovation Foundation. Our business and organization was put through a thorough vetting process to decide if our mission was in line with Edison's legacy of innovation. We became the the first and only organization granted the right to use Thomas Edison's iconic signature.

When creating the new logo it was important to capture that swoosh again but to incorporate it in a creative way. The old logo included Thomas Edison's signature and the swoosh from the "T" in his signature. We decided the lightbulb was the perfect place to keep this and do it in a creative way.

As the logo was the first thing to update the color theme was second to follow.

With the new color scheme we decided to move in a brighter direction, we wanted to take the color palette to a new place that felt inviting.

We hope that the message hierarchy and fresh color palette will provide a positive impact on Edison Nation and those newcomers we welcome.

We also have been hard at work rebranding the website as well. 

This is what the new homepage of the site will look like:

When logging into the new site, you will still go to edisonnation.com . Current and new members will login/sign up from with the "Start Inventing" box or from the "Login" tab that will be in located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

The new site will have two separate places for new members to sign in/sign up by selecting the "Have an Idea?" box. Prospective licensing parters or those companies looking to sponsor a search will select the "Looking for an idea? box.

Once logged into your Edison Nation account, you will see the dashboard will keep the current structure with minimal changes (shown in the above image). There will be plans at a later date to update this menu as well but we're taking it step-by-step to make sure that the change is smooth and successful.

Jumping In

When planning out the new site we didn't want to throw any current users off and we kept the same menu options at the top of the page. We did add some new options that we feel will help to best explain who we are and what we do.

Once the site goes live you will find more options that drop down from the about tab.

This new dropdown menu will offer many of the features that were previously located at the bottom of the current EN site. We have also added a new page that goes more in depth about Crowdfunding through Edison Nation.

You may notice too, that we added a title link for "Our Process". This was something that we don't have on the current site but knew it was needed for those current members to access easily and new members to have a better understanding of how the licensing process works at Edison Nation.

We wanted to bring this page to the forefront and show the various stages of evaluation in an easy to read format. What better way to do that than informative graphics that are the same ones you see on your dashboard as your idea moves through evaluation.

We really hope that the new site creates a better user experience for all!

 As always if there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via questions@edisonnation.com

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dljinnovations's Avatargold

The site looks great.  Good work EN.

Kristina Poindexter
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gadgetmanken's Avatargold

Yes it does Derrick!  Definately more descriptive.

Derrick James
Kristina Poindexter
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rpontius's Avatarg8_badge

The site seems to have reverted back to the old version today - old logo etc.

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kristina.poindexter's Avatar

Hi Robert, 

The update at this point was focussed on the main Edison Nation site, where we focussed on re-vamping the front end look and feel to help new and existing users easily access our process and information about Edison Nation. 

The Edison Nation dashboard will receive an updated look in the near future to correlate with the front end design. We want to be sure that the updates to the dashboard are smooth and tested extensively before going live. 

We will be sure to keep you up to date on updates before they happen and Insiders will be the first to know any news in Room 5! 



Derrick James
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