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New Insider Perks! Could it be... Free Submissions??

acarroll6's Avataren_staff_badge

We want to introduce the first ENHANCEMENT THAT WE are rolling out FOR OUR INSIDER MEMBERSHIP, and we think you all will really like it! Let your subscription basically pay for itself! Beginning today, the EN website has been updated to allow for the  following benefits to be applied to accounts:

We have listened to the feedback from our community members who wanted to be able to submit more innovations and earn free submissions, so we are launching this as the first enhancement to the Insider Program.

Stay tuned as we move forward with more enhancements on the way to you, our valued community members!

The Edison Nation Team

Elizabeth Crouch
Terrance Boult
C. R.
Bird Brain
Steve Redwine
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jarapo's Avatarg8_badge

That is fantastic !  

I love getting feedback on my submissions .. now I get a break on those submission fee's.  

Alicia Antonio
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estrella37's Avatar

That's great! I guess I'm gonna have to become an insider again, this is just too good an offer to refuse!

Quick question, if I have submitted an idea before becoming an insider and it is currently under review, will I receive feedback and insider points moving forward for this submission or will I only receive them for ideas I submit after becoming an insider? Just wondering if I should become an insider now or wait until I'm ready to submit my next idea...

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goodrs1962's Avatargold

I am currently a  "monthly" paid insider.

  I think I will become a 99.00 "yearly" subscriber at this point. it sounds like I would be awarded (4) free submissions immediatly, as soon as I make yearly payment? 

Steve Redwine
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buffdon's Avatargold

Loving this!

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dljinnovations's Avatargold

Who doesn't like FREE.  I know I do :)

Agreed Rofney, this may drive me to a yearly subscription as well.  You get the free subs immediately, and you get 1 more than the monthly subscription.

Rodney Goodrich
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sgdromms's Avataren_staff_badge

C.R. - feedback is not retroactive, the system triggers the requirements within the platform for feedback based upon the account status at time of submission.

C. R.
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estrella37's Avatar

Thanks, Scott!

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