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New licensing agreement & continued success!

acarroll6's Avataren_staff_badge

This is a product we met in Season 1 of Everyday Edisons, licensed and continue to find new avenues for it's success!

Check out the article we just posted to the blog: https://bit.ly/2XDtvLU

Derrick James
Ali Zahedi Nejad
Saletta .
Laura Anderson
Tim Montgomery
Rodney Goodrich
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kiskom's Avataree_badge

Congratulations Frank, usually a product has a shelf life of seven years. So nice to learn that a fellow inventor from Season 1 is still collecting royalties!!!

Derrick James
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dljinnovations's Avatargold

Congrats to Franklin, EN and the participating partners. The longevity of this product is impressive!

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buffdon's Avatargold

congrats to all!

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wittyinventor's Avatargold

I remember seeing this featured on Everyday Edisons.  Yes, Derrick, very impressive.  Continued success!

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