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The Premieres of Everyday Edisons, Season 5, Streaming NOW! :)

acarroll6's Avataren_staff_badge

It's here! The Premiere of Everyday Edisons, Seasons 5! (Link Attached) Streaming for FREE on Crackle.

Crackle can be downloaded for free on all your devices and remember we have seven category searches open for Season 6!

Everyday Edisons is a family friendly show so if you're hanging at home we hope you enjoy it with the family :)  

Wishing everyone well, stay safe and keep inventing!

Derrick James
Darlene Batrowny
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estrella37's Avatargold

Looks like I can't watch it from Canada. Will it eventually be available outside of the US?

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dljinnovations's Avatargold

A couple days after the premiere, I finally carved out the time to sit down and watch the first show.  Great opening show.  Looking forward to seeing the next episode.  Congrats to the 1st Everyday Edison selected for Season 5.  I won't be a spoiler, so you'll have to watch for yourself.  :)

Darlene Batrowny
Aimee Carroll
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tboult's Avatargold

Well, I also just got to watch it.  very different from Season 4 in format.  Season 4 was dominated by the Eventsys team reengineering the original ideas, this is much more about the inventors' and their ideas and their ability to present it.  Definitely worth the watch.   Different and better.  Looking forward to the new seasons.  Thinking about how it might change what I put in my submissions.

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