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Black and Decker/Stanley

taterdog1's Avatargold

  Has anyone ever submitted an idea to Black and Decker-Stanley. They have an online submission form. I believe their mostly searching for tool ideas. I don.t believe there is a fee to submit. Any input appreciated!

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keeztan's Avatar

You may look back at these previous posts on the Forum:



Good Luck

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sgdromms's Avataren_staff_badge

Barry - interesting that you ask about Stanley Black and Decker. All I can say right now is that you should stay tuned, could be a answer coming to that very soon.

Kristina Poindexter
Michelle Sartori
Robert Pontius
Mark Bartlett
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jdowney9000's Avatargold


I got me a B&D combo for $99. Then it shot up to $130.

I'm-a ham'e some idears.

Now where did I place my time making machine?

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chicagoinventor's Avatarg8_badge

Hope this becomes a search. I remember William having a slow R8 with a power tool, would be another chance.

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