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Has anyone worked with CLC / IMG College?

arthurjames66's Avatar

Hi all, 

Love the energy and support here. 

Sorry for what might be a novice question but has anyone had any experience with CLC / IMG College? 

In particular am interested to know your experience with fees and their application process. 

We are currently have a PPA for our product and are just starting on their application process. I was hoping that people here could share their experiences so we know what to expect  and watch our for. 

Thanks in  advance. 

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sgdromms's Avataren_staff_badge

Arthur - I can't speak to them from an innovator persepective, but can advise from a business to business point of view, both from work here at Edison Nation, to work done in prior companies/roles, that they are a very solid organization. Have always had responsive team members who live and breath college sports and the promotion of the schools brands.

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