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don1129's Avatar

Hi all new guy here that is overwhelmed with all this. I have had many ideas over the year that have come to fruition for others in time as I never acted on. Well I am ready to act.

I have an idea and prototype and believe it is quite marketable. I started the process of provisional filing but got stuck at the format and fonts for PDF docs. I am not sure if I should just proceed and buy Adobe and learn (I work long hours so it's another stumbling block) or pay a company for that and a good search. I have done a search multiple ways (I do a lot of research in my work) including the USTPO but want to be sure. 

I just have read so much about companies taking money,  dragging things out and taking advantage. I believe my product has a good to very good untapped market so I dont want to sit on my hands. 


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kimmyk's Avatargold

Hi Don, welcome!  I think we've all felt overwhelmed when entering this arena.  EN is a good option for those who don't have (or want to make) the time or $ to bring a product to market.  You can call a Patent Agent for help in a patent search.  They could give you some good, objective advice on product viability, etc.  EN is a much cheaper option for those tasks.  Good luck!

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