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Invention home

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hello everyone, I would like to inform everyone about invention home. I have an invention that everyone could use at anytime and have multiple company's love my idea but sense I was contracted with invention home they could not proceed. They are a very good business getting your idea looking good on there website. As far as selling your idea all they do is just submit it to someone. (Not sure what companys) I paid $3,500 dollars because they had the best value and stats. I started with them in Feb. 2017 and everything they said that they where going to do they did except when your invention hits 2 months of them submitting them to companies It's like they just stop trying. Not sure why they are not selling your product better(Which would be in there best interested seeing how they get 20%) And following up with companies. If you have the money and if it's something little that will not cost much to make than you might have a chance( look at all previous success ideas with them) but if it is a larger idea like exercise equipment don't waste your time and do it yourself. Companies have told me I should have went with Kickstarter, YouTube,etc.  Very said that there is a lot of life changing ideas and we have to pay companies tons of money to have a shot. If your like most Americans living paycheck to paycheck this is a very hard to do. We need a company that invests in great inventions without spending thousands from the inventor. 

If something changes with this I will correct my statement. God Bless

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Welcome to the EN Family. You'll find great support and advice here.

Michelle Sartori
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