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John Vilardi - an Extraordinary Talent

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I just finished working with John on one of my inventions for which he did the renders.  He has done several for me and the results are always the same....extraordinary.  If you are looking for someone to create 3-d models, photorealistic renders, or animation I highly recommend you reach out to John. 

My experience has been that he does excellent work; he is very easy to work with; he finishes projects quickly; he is affordable, and you can trust him to maintain and respect the confidentiality of your idea.  And he is himself a licensed inventor and always seems to improve on the ideas I send him.  And no, he didn't pay me to say all of that. 

I am glad I joined the Edison Nation forums which, in turn, allowed me to connect with John.  I consider him to be one of the greatest resources I have as an independent inventor.

You can message him through the forums or through his website at www.johnvilardi.com

Wishing you much success

Fred Wherritt

Jeremy C
Karen C Adams
Kristina Poindexter
Michelle Sartori
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He is awesome

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For sure!!

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I concur!  Very nice guy, and so talented!!

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Thank you Fred

Jeremy C
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