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My Story - Adventures in Watching

circky1's Avatar

As of this month, my design patent has been abandonded.  My prototype for a new (old) type/style of smartwatch is languishing for over a year now.  I have a goid idea (I think) but I ran out of resources, stamina, cash, good advice, etc. etc... all the things I could have found at this forum - instead I worked from 4am to 9pm daily for nearly 2 years.  

I need some sage advice about whether or not my idaea is recoverable in some way that is worth the time and effort to pursue.

I realize you'll need a lot more info, which I will be happy to provide as needed.  Let me just add for now that I went to CES in 2016 and saw another company with what appeared to be the same idea.  Well 2+ years later they also have design and functional patents, as well as numerous awards, etc.

The product is a (classic) round smartwatch on which the numbers function simultaneously as a watch, a telephone dial, and a circular keyboard. It uses an algorithm that allows each key to stand for three keys.

More if/when someone anyone asks...

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Clinton!

Unfortunately, the Edison Nation team cannot provide legal advice, our recommendation would be to discuss with a patent attorney to determine the next steps for your idea.

We wish you the best of luck!

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