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Need a suggestion for manufacturers of an ultrasonic frequency sound device

mikegalla's Avatar

Thought I would sign up here to see if someone would be able to offer me some direction. Would anyone be able to suggest a manufacturer of equipment that is capable of producing sound waves of the infrasonic type (below 20hz) as well as ultrasonic (above 20k)?

I know this is an off the wall question but I didn't really have any idea of where to start. If not, a suggestion as to where else I might look for this kind of information would be helpful.

This would be in relation to materials testing.


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inovate's Avataree_badge

Hi Mike, welcome to EN. maybe those people that make the dog whistle we can't hear.

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mikegalla's Avatar

Hey thanks I'll check in with those people!

Anyone else with advice maybe?

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gadgetmanken's Avatargold

Depending on your use, have you thought about the manufacturers who make ultra sound devices in the medical fields? I don’t know if ultra sound is the same as infrasound cause I can’t hear either one. lol

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inovate's Avataree_badge

Hi Kenneth, Good to see you

Thought you may pop your head in here.


You may have already tried it, but if not Google  Engineering 360

One of their pages has list on manufacturing for infrasonic liquid wave generators.

They also have forums.

Some musical instruments  can obtain slightly lower then we hear as well as some subwoofers, so you might check into speaker tech for the materials they use to do that.

Many uses for sound vibrations from healing to killing.

Just my perspective, but if we were to gain the tech to have ourselves to resonate with both infrasonic and ultra, we would be capable of vibrating in and out of this dimension.

Alot of beliefs on the 1st dimension being The Iron core crystal, so far as materials I might start with some of those elements. I know sound goes though solids and water faster then air, but there may still be a way that some solids can hold frequencies longer.

The only machine I think of that is capable of generating both is the perfect machine we call the Universe. There are some gurus in the caves of the Himalayas that probably capable That being said, it probably would be faster to find your answers by looking within that finely tuned machine called self.

You did say maybe advice?  Best wishes with your inventions

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