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New here- lots of questions....

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Just that really, can I simultaneously be plugging away to sell a territorial licence here in the U.K. while EN are busy getting it on the market in the States? (Obviously they would have to try and get a territorial lisence too but are they willing to do that? Or do they even look to getting you licences abroad too?)

Also do you know what happens after a license runs out? Do they give you your product back to do whatever you like with or do they keep the rights to it? 

I don't have any professional sketches of my concept or a patent pending status, is it worth me submitting?

 Does anyone know what the success rate is of actually making any money from your submission? 

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kimmyk's Avatargold

Hi Kate, Lots of questions here...  the best idea for you is to read through the forums - especially the first few topics.  They will answer most of your questions.  Good luck!

Derrick James
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