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Would Licensure Royalties be Transferable in case of death?

taterdog1's Avatargold

  If someone were to be lucky enough to land a manufacturing deal and earn royalties. in case of their untimely death would the future royalties go to a pre chosen person. Suppose the life of the royalties was 60 years or more, would there always be a pre chosen person to receive the future royalties.

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williamj's Avatargold

To the best of my knowledge, any royalties would be considered as part of their estate and handled accordingly.

barry ellard
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tboult's Avatargold

It will depend on the actual licensing/royalty agreement.  Some are for fixed years, some are for the life of the product, some are the live of the inventor.  The first two would be transferred to the estate, the later would clearly not.  As a formal contract there can always be a wide range of terms  including explicit rules about transfer priority and maintenance requirements. 

barry ellard
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