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Create air conditions using peltier (or any other means), suitable for very small confined spaces, such as a 3m by 3m caravan, vehicles etc in hot climate. I need suggestions, and ideas to go around it.

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Creating air conditions...

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simonescelsa's Avatar

Start with the math, what is the volume, what is the target temperature and how quickly you would like to reach it; thermoelectric cooling is not likely to be feasible for anything other than a small volume.

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phonepaal's Avatargold

Peltier effect has horrible electric efficiency; their one big advantage is minimal parts. Mobicool makes products that uses Peltier; their products can cool a whole two liters of space.

..."or by any other means," In other words, a compressor. Zero Breeze crowdfunded a product like you described. Retail demand appears to be their big challenge at present.

But glad you asked here.  There is a lot of freely available collective knowledge.

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