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Does Edison accept Home Decor Inventions?

lewdog's Avatar

I'm currently working on an idea that I don't want to turn over the rights to, and will probably end up doing all the leg work myself to try to bring to fruition.  I've gotten the blue prints drawn up and the 3D program made to get a prototype made.  I do however have another idea that is just at the idea phase and would like to see if how Edison works.  My question is, does Edison deal with home decor items?  When I say home decor, I'm talking along the lines of "furniture."

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magurn's Avatar

Hi William!

Thank you for your interest in Edison Nation and we're happy to have you as an Insider!

We do review ideas in all categories, including home decor, as long as the idea is able to be patented.

To learn more about our process, definitely check out the Edison Nation Help Page.

Best of luck!

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