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Existing item changes

karenadams's Avatar

I had been working on what was a new product only to find something similar in a recent search online. 

What percentage of change is required in presenting a product as "new"?

Mine would be more aesthetically pleasing as it is more refined and has 2 key changes that make it so.

I really think my concept is much better and would hate to scrap  this project but.... I am confused.

Thank you!

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jdowney9000's Avatargold

Does it function better?

Will it be cheaper to make?

(Insert additional qualifying questions here.)?

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karenadams's Avatar

Yes it would function better and yes it should be a little cheaper to make.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Karen!

If this is in reference to a product submitted to the system, you are welcome to make changes within the existing submission as long as the main functionality and purpose of the product remain the same.

It is not permissible if an idea that was previously submitted has been completely changed to a new idea. That will result in a decline.

Hope this clarifies!

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karenadams's Avatar

Hi Michelle,

Nope not in the system as of yet. Trying to get it prepared and I did send you an email.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Karen,

Responded to your note. Best of luck!

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