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I LOVE being an inventor...

countofmontecristo's Avatar

The title says it all, but allow me to extrapolate.

Being an inventor is like being a modern day Super Hero; there are daily challenges, villains and victories.

Your 'super-powers' are your ability to think outside the box, act/react quickly when needed and draw upon the wisdom of those who have gone before you.

You get to solve some of life's most difficult challenges (like fighting closed minds) or just solving the everyday mundane puzzles that others know of, but ignored.

Just because you have immense powers of creativity and logic, doesn't mean you won't have to rescue the occasional kitten from a tree once in a while. It's all part of the job.

After you build your inventing portfolio, more and more people begin to notice you and ask you for guidance on important matters. Some are more important than others, of course

but importance is a relative thing after all. After a while you discover that people ask you a lot of things about just about everything.This is where you may realize that being a super *anything* is difficult and comes with a price.

So, why would someone pursue something as difficult as being an inventor when the challenges are many and the rewards are limited?

You can be ridiculed, outcast, laughed at or just ignored. If being an inventor was easy, everyone would do it. But it’s not that easy all the time.It can be downright heart-breaking.

The reason I think, is because we can. You and I were gifted with extraordinary powers that many others simply do not have, nor will they ever understand the overwhelming power of achievement in the face of all obstacles we deal with.

Once you climb the highest physical mountain on Earth, that’s it; you’ve done it. In the inventing world, new and higher mountains are thrust upwards each and every day, just waiting to be conquered.

There are always new challenges, new villains and new victories.Oh, almost forgot- they also pay you if you are really good. : ) Top that Superman.

I love being an inventor; I always have and always will, regardless of the outcomes.

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I cant wait its taking me 7 yrs so far

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