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Inventing for pets seems to be a very lucrative endeavor! Anyone else think so?

taterdog1's Avatargold

    Seems as if creating or improving pet products is a lucrative thing to do at this time. Possibly the # 1 market for inventors/Its not one of my best categories, bu I do give thought nearly every day.We love our pets ,so get busy inventing for them today!!!!

Vee R___
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wherritt's Avatarg8_badge

I agree. Pets is definitely a strong category

for inventing.

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sgdromms's Avataren_staff_badge

Barry - very astute statement. One of the things that I can advise from my career background within category management was Pet was 1 of 2 categories that held up best during the economic downturn of 2008 period. While many product categories sales suffered, products that were focused on people's kids. and their OTHER kids were more recession resistant.

Darlene Batrowny
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taterdog1's Avatargold


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kimmyk's Avatargold

That makes perfect sense as many people have foregone having children, so they have pets as their "child."  That's why pet "owners" are now called "pet parents."

barry ellard
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taterdog1's Avatargold

This is so true! The pet parents usually refer to these pets as their children. I have a fun pet toy invention that I think would do very well. Need to get busy on it soon!

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thenextbigthing's Avatar

I've noticed this over the past few years too. People seem to be spending more on their pets, spoiling them and treating them like they're kids. My husband is the perfect example. He has always been a sucker for gimmicky pet products... Every time he sees an Instagram ad for a new floating dog toy, reflective dog collar, cozy dog bed, slow feeder food bowl, fleece dog coat, cooling vest, dog socks, thunder blanket, non-jingly name tags, GPS pet tracker, reindeer antlers, or WHATEVER, he buys it immediately. haha. I'm more frugal than he is, but I still like to buy my dog cute new things, since I don't have any children. I'm just a "dog mom," so my dog gets all of my maternal instincts and attention. 

I thought of an idea for a new product for the pet industry a couple years ago, but I never figured out how to act on it or bring it to life. I've seen several products that have come out since then that are very similar. Not exactly the same...but similar concepts. It makes me think that this could be a good market to get into. (If I could figure out the step-by-step process and how much money it would cost me to make this happen.) 

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taterdog1's Avatargold

  I think dogs are mans best friend as well! Consider submitting your idea to Edison Nation or Quirky for review.If they like it they will present it to companies that will do all of the manufacturing and pay you a royalty on each unit sold. This is probably your best bet,as manufacture and distribution by you could be very expensive and may fail.Also search for other companies looking for pet inventions.GOOD LOCK!!!

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vtac's Avatar

I would advise to stay away from Quirky at the moment. Wait a year to see where the company stands. 

MindFull Products is currently accepting pet product ideas. All you need is a sketch, render, and/or description and a $10 submission fee. Feedback is given in a couple of weeks. If an idea is selected, they pay for patents, tooling, prototypes, manufacturing etc.

MindFull Products was founded by 3 entrepeneurs/inventors. They also founded The Board Dudes which was acquired by Mega Brands. More recently, their company Ubrands was acquired by Smead. 

Hope this helps your inventing journey.

Best of luck!

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