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Is my idea protected here?

destrock2003's Avatar


I have an idea that I want to share here to finally get my objective: manufacturation and sailing..

My invention is in my mind and simply drawed schematically, but not patented...

If I publish my idea here from 0, it will be protected and nobody could copy it?


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magurn's Avatar

Hi Jordi and Welcome to Edison Nation!

Any ideas submitted via the Edison Nation submission system are absolutely protected.

Here is more information:

In order to submit your idea to Edison Nation, we ask you to sign an Innovator Agreement.

Your Innovation Search submissions are kept private on the Edison Nation site and held in the utmost confidence by our staff. However, if your idea passes the evaluation by the EN Team (stage 7 greenlighted on your dashboard), it is presented to the retailer or manufacturer that sponsored the search or potential licensing partners. Please know that all of our partners sign nondisclosure agreements with EN prior to any presentation.

When an idea is selected, we announce it to the EN community with the approval of the inventor without disclosing details regarding the actual invention until it is properly protected. We are careful to keep the actual concept a secret to be sure not to harm the product's marketability.

To learn more about our process and how we work with innovators, please visit the Edison Nation Help Page before you submit.

We wish you the best of luck!

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destrock2003's Avatar

Hi and thank you very much Michelle.

I just added my idea in my dashboard... which is the next step? Submit?

Or I must simply wait?

Payment is needed for next step? I saw that I must add my credit card and 25 usd will be charged... but only 25 usd will be charged or there's any monthly payment too?


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magurn's Avatar

Hi Jordi!

Your idea is currently in draft form, meaning only you can see it. The idea must be opted into one of our innovation searches and successfully submitted for the EN team to see it and start the evaluation process.

The fee to submit is a one-time $25 payment. No additional monies will be requested from you during the evaluation process or even if the concept is licensed.

The monthly payment I believe you are referring to is the $9.25/month payment for Insider Membership. This is our VIP level of membership and you can learn more on our Insiders page. Insider membership is not required to submit your idea - upgrading your membership is completely up to you. 

One suggestion I will make with respect to Insider membership is that if you are going to upgrade, do that first so you are eligible for a discount submission fee ($20 instead of $25) and your submission is considered for feedback

Hope this helps to clarify and we look forward to reviewing your idea soon!

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destrock2003's Avatar

Thank you very much Michelle...

I just submitted my idea (with no insider membership).

I understand that if my idea is good for edisonnation they will study and help me to the next step... I understood it correctly?


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magurn's Avatar

Hi Jordi!

Congratulations and we look forward to reviewing your idea. The team will now start evaluating your idea through our evaluation process (you can learn more about what happens at each stage by visiting the Edison Nation Help Page and clicking into "Stages of evaluation").

If your product successfully passes through all stages of evaluation, our goal is to find a commercialization path for the product.

Best of luck!

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