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Sell sheet dimensions?

karenadams's Avatar

It is obvious I am new.

The constraints of 8.5x11 for a sell sheet just isn't working out well for me. After adding decent sized pics, in most cases there isn't enough room for text. Is 11x17 acceptable? That would provide enough space to add pertinent info regarding the products.

Thank you!

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karenadams's Avatar

Thank you everyone!

I did visit Roger's site prior to this post as I had not seen dimensions mentioned.

perhaps i missed that info somewhere.

My eyes are still adjusting to so much due to having 2 cornea transplants. However I am ecstatic to be able to work in photoshop after 7 years.

It's all a slow process and I feel like I am running to catch up albeit slowly.

Crystal-Diane Nappi
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karenadams's Avatar

Roger the sell sheet challenges are awesome examples. Thanks so much!

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