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Skate Mates

gadgetmanken's Avatargold

I went to my grand daughters 8th birthday party at a skating rink today. I haven't been to a skating rink in about fifteen years. Actually I placed a vending snack machine there that I reconditioned, painted, and restyled on the front when I worked for a vending company. Anyway, I saw a clever device made out of pvc pipe with wheels on it that helps beginner learn to skate while holding on to a two sided walker looking device. Its called the Skate Mate. Any one seen them? Its an awesome idea! 


Paul Ortega
Michelle Sartori
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magurn's Avatar

Now that would have saved a lot of bruised knees and hurt wrists...

Thanks for sharing Kenneth!

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gadgetmanken's Avatargold

Your welcome. Seems like it was making the learning curve lots less stressful and painless.  Got me thinking about an idea to solve another problem that exists in that realm!

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kdc's Avatar

I need training wheels on skates. LOL.

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rpontius's Avatarg8_badge

When I lived in Canada I saw young kids use chairs for this purpose (but on ice) - just a regular chair sliding around on the ice.

Of course, in Canada hockey/skating training begins at about age 3.

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enigmamusement's Avatargold

I think that the roller skates themselves need to be taken to the next level so that when you stand still, the wheels would remain locked, preventing you from slipping forward or backward - might include computer-controlled technology to make this locking possible. To unlock and move forward, again the computer device would detect your movement and would instantly motion-response, unlocking the wheels as you skate forward *"*"*

Kenneth Rainbolt
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keeztan's Avatar

This  girl from last season's AGT takes skates to a new level.....

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gadgetmanken's Avatargold

Boy thats dangerous on at least three levels!  Lot of ankle twisting, and a possible fall with a wine glass in your hand! Then whats going to be interesting is when she starts getting woozie. Wow! Must be really short, I think she’s added about a foot to her height! lol

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