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Tiny lid/seat lifting device ?

cls88's Avatar

I am searching for a small/tiny lid lifting device.

It will have to be powerful for its size.

I'm thinking pneumatic or hydraulic for the power necessary to lift a lid/seat. 

I have searched the world for such a device and it does not seem to exist.

Has anyone suggestions?



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chappy75's Avatar

depends on what "lid" you are lifting. Toilet lid or cooler lid? Then, to what angle? And then, how tiny are you talking? There is a point of diminishing returns on trying to go smaller. 

If you go pneumatic or hydraulic you have to account for a pump unless it is manually powered. 

If you are going electric you have more options for gearing but the power and size of the motor is going to be determined by the density and size of the windings that can support a certain voltage. 

That being said, there are some very small and very powerful motors which brings me back to application because that which you lift must have a platform or station that can support the lift.

Now, by the time you calculate all of that; sooner or later you will figure out that you don't need any of that and lifting a lid can be handled 100% at the vortex with a spring loaded hinge. If you MUST use a lifting device because you want to "control" the lid. You can counter balance the lid to weigh next to nothing with a spring loaded hinge and use a small servo to make it do tricks at whatever angle you want.

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