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To whom should my invention be addressed?

destrock2003's Avatar

I would like to know who edison nation is focused to?

Do you work in inventions for companies? or do you work only in inventions for final customer?


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magurn's Avatar

Hi Jordi!

We review ideas in all categories - the majority of our searches are geared towards consumer products.

Steven had a great suggestion - take a look at our sponsored searches on the searches page. If you have an idea you'd like to share that is not a fit for these searches, you can submit to our All Category search.

Best of luck!

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tim_grindley's Avatar

It might be a good idea to outline the process, especially any costs.

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jdowney9000's Avatargold

What's the difference?

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Tim!

Our evaluation process is outlined within the Help Page. Costs are also addressed. If anyone has any additional questions once you review the Help Page, please send them to questions@edisonnation.com.

Best of luck!

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