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Toys fpor Boys...Toys for Girls How about both?

countofmontecristo's Avatar

Or for the WHOLE FAMILY for that matter?  

I know kids will always have their favorite toy(S). The thing I see missing from toys these days is the 'Family Involvement' element.
Parents give their kids a tablet and tell them 'run along & play'. This is guided isolationism at best.

Part of what makes minds creative and strong is the interaction they receive when playing with others and/or their parents. Having a singular toy/activity is great, but having something the whole family can participate in is greater, IMO.

Remember to consider this when designing your toy concepts and other inventions.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." ~Alan Curtis Kay (born 17 May 1940)

(p.s. sorry about the typo in the subject title, wouldn't let me correct it.) ; (

Charlie Lumsden
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futureworld's Avatar

Well said, Roger.  I work in a public school...  

Also, I recently met a dad whose high school son has amazing success

fishing the local streams for trout- all his peers are inside all spring  & summer long

with a device doing all the  "thinking" for them.

Great idea, Ralph before everyone loses their social skills.

Ralph Machesky
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kimmyk's Avatargold

I agree... too many kids have no clue how to interact with other people anymore.  Very sad development for society.  When I was growing up, we played outside all day.  Hardly ever saw the folks, but always had other kids around.  I don't remember ever playing games with my parents, but always did with my grandmothers. I guess the old men weren't interested in games, but we spent time with them on other things.

Ralph Machesky
Carl Gibson
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