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Transitioning from Idea to Invention

blncochran's Avatar

Hello, I'm very new to this and was hoping to find some guidance. When I was in high school I took every marketing class available to me. An assignment I was given directed me to reinvent/upgrade a product that was already in existence. We did two projects on this particular assignment and I recreated two products of my choice, one a washer/dryer and the other was a mop. For a high school assignment I went the extreme and sketched out drawings in great detail of the washing and drying unit. I knew my ideas were great, but it never crossed my mind to send them in. A few years later the duo washer/dryer in one side by side unit came to the market. Very short from my idea but over the past 10 years they have been upgrading and every year it gets closer to my original idea, though we're still not there yet. I've seen commercials for the mop I created in this past year. 

I'm looking for advice on the process of taking an idea and selling it someone else. I have a great idea for a new medical device that could really help millions of people, however its just in the idea phase. I don't have the means to invest in building the product myself, but I would love to see it get done as it will definitely add quality to someones life. Are there companies out there that work with you to build your product and create a patent? Are there companies that just buy ideas? After my experience of losing out on some original ideas I would love to get my new idea on the market. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

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crystaldiane's Avatar

Hi Brittany, welcome.  Wow, I would have loved to have attended a school back in the day that encouraged this kind of thinking. Good for you.
Please do yourself a favor and get a copy of Roger Browns Common Sense Inventing Ebook. It has saved me tons of heartache and really helped me along on my own quest.  I only wish I had that book sooner... Start there.  It will answer a lot of your questions and help you get off on the right foot.  Its just not that 'simple' to 'send in your ideas' to someone and get them to make it.  There are SO Many considerations its almost scary! However, with thought and process much can be accomplished still by us 'ordinary' people. The more you educate yourself on the reasons someone MIGHT Buy or LIcense an idea for you the greater your chances of success. Its important to see the bigger picture....Good luck on your quest and keep inventing!

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dljinnovations's Avatargold

Hi Brittany and welcome to EN.  You could also try submitting your ideas right here at Edison Nation.  That's probably least expensive and least risky way to go.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Brittany and welcome to EN!

To echo Derrick's comment, you are welcome to submit your idea to Edison Nation - we have a consumer healthcare search that is active where your idea would be a fit. 

The best place to get started would be to review the information available on the Edison Nation Help Page. Here you can find details on how to submit an idea, how ideas are evaluated and our standard terms and conditions.

You can also send any questions you have to me at questions@edisonnation.com and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

Best of luck!

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