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Value of Life Experience!

crystaldiane's Avatar

Hello Everyone, I came across this wonderful article today about an inventor in his 9th decade of life and the things he has discovered and continues to accomplish in his lifetime.  The things that hit me were his open mindedness about learning and seeing others views.  Search the New York Times article (I cant post the link because I am not an insider) about the inventory from 4 - 7 - 2017....google it you will find it. Great read! 

To Be a Genius, Think Like a 94-Year-Old

I realized in my own efforts to be an 'inventor' I have often 'pooh pooh'd' others experience. I do think I did that for fear of accepting deep down maybe I did not have what it really took to be successful and it was easier to avoid the 'truth' than face the possibility of failure. It was that old 'keep my head in the sand' and hope for the best attitude.

In other words if I had know what I know now would I still do it?

At my age now - nearly 60 I truly welcome all the good advice I can get. I am no longer fearful of being told the obvious because it has actually HELPED ME.  I had the good luck to obtain a copy of Roger Browns Ebook, the Common Sense Guide to Inventing and have actually read it cover to cover in the last few weeks. Geeze, what was I thinking?  I mean here I was in all my stubborn close minded splendor spending money on things that simply did not move the meter in the direction I wanted to go (Patent searches, attorneys, prototypes, etc...) I finally gladly obtained a copy of  Rogers ebook. Nothing I have done (up to my recent product that is) has worked, so for roughly $20 bucks more I figured with, if I can part with money on things like before I can see what an inventor who has actually done what I am trying to do thinks.  In short, this book is the MBA thesis worthy paper about the current realities of the Inventing Business, penned by an individual that is attempting to the hardest thing in life I know -  actually transfer his hard earned life experiences to the rest of us - that is generous and in my opinion (especially since I am finally getting places with my current invention), worth every dime! 

I get that timing in life is everything, and that includes us as individuals, that we need to be willing hear when we are willing to hear it. But I sure wish I had gotton off my butt and been willing to hear it sooner.  Had I had this practical advice sooner I sure would have saved myself a lot of heartache but probably given me much needed resources to better advance my current project - I mean I probably spent upwards of 20K on things that DID not work over the years. Imagine if I had that money now to supplement the things that I have learned DO WORK. Dah!!!

Anyway- I thought you would all enjoy this link.  Have a great night! And keep inventing and dreaming - but don't be afraid to listen to others who are where you want to be!

Ralph Machesky
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crystaldiane's Avatar

Well Stated Frank White!  Very very well stated!  Perhaps its called the old 'lets throw pooh into the wind and hope some of it will stick' truth was, in my youth and for the companies I worked for (more likely because we had great products) I thought I could literally WILL Something into existence.  And to some extent my hard work did help.  For instance, I "Willed" my Pet Food Pantry Charity into existence - but I'm older and slower now - and frankly don't have the physical energy or stamina I used to have. So now its more important than ever to work smarter when I have these little pockets of time to get things done... Maybe I will catch a clue yet LOL.  Have a great day!

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crystaldiane's Avatar

Great Post Roger.  Last Year I joined a business incubator group called Flourish and Thrive on Facebook. It was founded and hosted by two successful jewelry designers - the concept was an experiment for these people - to put people that were clearly competing in a crowded market (jewelry) together to grow their independent business through 'collaboration' with 'competition'. Its an amazing group and I am so happy to be part of it.  We share all kinds of industry trends, ideas, what works and what does not - your post just shows there are lots more opportunities to connect with like minded people if we can get over our fears.

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