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What is procedure to

eensnsn's Avatar

What is the procedure to petant my Idea that will be petanted world wide.

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eensnsn's Avatar

we dont have one

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gizmo's Avatar

the procedure is to get your wallet out and prepare to spend a minimum of 30K and have a 1.% chance of making any money off your idea

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tact_trunk_monkey's Avatar

There is a process to do what you want but it will cost you a lot (as has been previously pointed out in this thread) and, realistically, you won't be doing any of the paperwork-you need a patent attorney and, as also previously pointed out in this thread, a very fat wallet. 


You'll have to fix the "t"s and the "w"'s in the link to make it work as I can't post links here-this is the PCT site for international patents

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