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New Kickstarter for Snowbaord binding adapters

tboult's Avatargold

Hello fellow EN inventors,  though I would share that a pair of my inventions are Kickstions -- search for StandNStrap or OnePull.   Any feedback, positive or critical,  appreciated. 

If you are interested in sharing this within your own-network contact me and I can share how you can earn 10% commission on each backer you bring to the project.

Bit of the back story.    Given how slow things seemed to be advancing here, with a pair of my inventions stuck at G4 for months, I decided to try moving them forward myself.  we tried one of these inventions last year but had supply problems so canceled, then filed my full patent on the inventions in the spring as pro-se inventor.   This fall I worked with a team of students (see my post on getting your own team), to move the idea forward.    Note that I decided to do this as a learning experience for my students so I had already assigned my share of the invention to my university, so I don't have a conflict of interest in working with my own students on commercializing it.  Thus I personally don't earning anything from this but my students have been learning a lot.  

I'll be posting some of the lessons learned here later as the effort roles along.  Feel free to ask anything you want.    One thing is already obvious just from traffic,   Its not really a surprise but   Christmas eve and christmas are not great days for kickstarter traffic. 

Alicia Antonio
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sunto's Avatar


Hopefully everyone can learn from your experience. So kind that you’re willing to shareyour progress not an easy journey going it alone wishing you best of luck.

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