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please help!!!

bigsol33's Avatar

Hey Everyone,

          My name Mike and ive been wanting to be a recognized inventor probaly since i first read up on Benjamin Franklin. I finally built up the courage to get one of my ideas patented. I have everything in place but the initial fee. This could change my families live's. I work as a grocery clerk, and 1500 its not something i have in a rainy day jar. Believe me, i would want nothing more then to have paid out of pocket with a smile on my face. Since I have a deadline of next friday I NEED HELP. My sister set me up with a gofundme account (wish she didnt tell our life story)  please anything you can give will be beyond grateful. Im not one to ask for money but for a chance at something better I have no choice. I will keep ever posted on my progress! 


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magurn's Avatar

Hi Michael,

Another option you may want to consider is submitting your idea to Edison Nation to be evaluated for potential licensing opportunities. The cost to submit (and only fee you'll ever be asked to pay) is $25.

To learn more about our process, please visit the Edison Nation Help Page.

Best of luck to you!

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sunto's Avatar

sounds like the best plan is go Pay EN  25 dollars it's what I would do in your situation.

Good luck.

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paulortega's Avatar

I agree with Michael and David.  Also spending $25.00 to evaluate your idea is the best solution to your Problem. Good Luck!

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sunto's Avatar

The 1500 dollars is only the start of the swirling money vortex. Or IP bottomless pit.

Speaking from experience.

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