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The "Coolest" Cooler!

letm31n's Avatar

A Party In A Box!


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zookiebeyerdorf's Avatar

What? You can’t ride the darn thing?
Seriously, I can understand a drivable cooler for beer, which is more of a why not product. I guess this would fit in that category.
My bartending roots are shriveling. Just what I need at the beach or park. A blender which is either stuck blending a single type beverage for the day or you’d need to be running to the nearest water source to rinse between your margaritas and strawberry smoothies. Seems like more work than fun to me. How many drinks can that batteries charge blend? And why waste valuable cooler space to incorporate the sound system?
The opener and inside light is cool though.
I guess if your the type that had to have every gadget ever imagined for tailgating this might be a fit.
I will now go and blend me a pina colada in the safety of my kitchen and ponder on why I hate this so much.

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