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100% efficient windmill

nourarnold's Avatar

I’ve developed a windmill that is as efficient as the turbine it runs. Currently windmills max out at 60% for the HAWT and much less for the VAWT. Betz’s law says a wind turbine cannot be more than 60%. I believe I was able to prove this 100 year old law wrong by modifying a VAWT. The design is at the prototype stage with numbers to prove my claim.

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williamj's Avatargold

I don’t know what kind of efficiency you’ve reached but 100% efficiency from any mechanism isn’t going to happen, There will always be mechanical losses, always. You can indeed reduce these losses but you’ll never quite be able to eliminate them.

I don’t want to get into a detailed discussion on the matter for fear of publicly disclosing some portion of your invention. But bear in mind, not only do you have to content with Betz’s law but you must also deal with Murphy’s law as well.

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inovate's Avataree_badge

Welcome to EN Nour, it’s a great community.
Without breaking the laws made by man, I believe there would be no creation. We would all be a little bit stagnant. I believe everything is possible.I want to see it. Best wishes
Aloha Charlie

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nourarnold's Avatar


What makes a VAWT only 30% efficient in the first place is not the same thing that makes a HAWT max out at 60. Betz is correct in regards to the 40% that must pass in order for the rotors to spin in a horizontal turbine. While the VAWT is inefficient due to the load on the upcoming blade (search this video on utube: New Wind Power System Polish engineers
) this guy solved this issue but he failed to use the proper cage and the proper rotors inside. I’ve developed my turbine in 2008 and have been tweaking it since to reach the max potential. Laws can be broken!

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williamj's Avatargold

Nour, I should have said this earlier but Welcome to EdisonNation and the EdisonNation Forums !!!

Without getting into the specifics of any design consider this…

A force (the wind) traveling in a direction will continue to travel in that direction until acted upon by another force. In trying to capture the force of the wind, whether it be with HAWT or VAWT, the name of this game is changing the wind from a linear force to a torsional force (torque).

In essence, you/we must vector the original force (the wind). And the only way to vector a force is to act upon that force with another force. The resulting vector only occurs after the original force has met and countered the acting force (a loss). Once you/we have lost that portion of the original force there is no getting it back.


Nour, for your own protection please don’t say you can eliminate the loss by doing this or that as it would give the not so good guys (Patent Trolls) a hint as to how your invention works. Sometimes all they need to mess up your IP rights is a “hint”.

Best of luck

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nourarnold's Avatar

Williamj you’ve said all the right physics! And that is all the hints I’ll give :)

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jdowney9000's Avatargold

Michael, add a wind catching pressure return “thing”.

And while we’re on wind; how much celestial energy is being taken from the weather?

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