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Compression spring fasteners

agalzarano's Avatar

I need a way to anchor 2 inch compress spring between 2 flat metal discs. I need a top and a bottom that will hold it in spite of a small amount of shearing force. Any ideas?

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carlganio's Avatar

Anthony, for a prototype, a 2-part epoxy adhesive should work. I cannot weld, but that would work as well. A small hole through each disc would allow you to pass the end of the spring, but again you would need to tack it down with epoxy

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keeztan's Avatar

Can you insert a rod through the center and cap on both ends? Basically Fastener-rod-washer-spring-washer-fastener (with the rod running thru the center of washer)

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toolman911965's Avatar

Anthony, there are many possible ways to do this. do you have a picture of the pieces, this would possibly help to see what you are doing. As Carl mentioned epoxy would be a great option, depending on the forces involved. How big are the discs? a small rod protruding on each disc that is just a bit smaller than the inner diameter of the spring coil would hold in place as well. You could weld or screw on a small piece, or even epoxy it on.

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