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Cool Invention, really cool

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Nick is a child hood friend of mine from NY now living in Florida. We grew up together in a small town on the tip of long island. The guy is a true friend, I’ve known him my entire life. Hes got an invention that is truly amazing. Even with his disabilities he has never given up his love and passion for riding. This man, my brother is truly my hero. Please take a look at this video. (Specially my biker friends).
Love you Nick



David Heath
Charlie Lumsden
Geraldine Duchatelier
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john's Avatarg8_badge

Please take a look at the above video

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kdc's Avatar

That really is great! I don't know much about motorcycles, but I know that would help a lot of people.Best of luck to your friend!  I shared the video on my Facebook page.

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inovate's Avataree_badge

I agree John! Very cool idea.

It doesn't  matter if we were born with or are all of a sudden struck with a loss of body part.

We can adapt and do what we love or anything for that matter.

Thank you my friend.

Geraldine Duchatelier
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gadgetmanken's Avatargold

That is a GREAT IDEA.  I have only riden someone elses bikes a few times and I feel they are not ergonomic enough at times, plus the stretch or reaching and releasing and trying to hold on at the same time is bothersome for me. But thats me, maybe I'm doing it wrong. IDK.

However, that seems to solve that problem as well as your friends. That almost makes it automatic, so to speak. I don't know what has taken anyone so long to come up with that solution till now.  Seems a lot easier, don't know why something like that isn't standard?  My son owns a Harley.  You friend is extremely talented. Sometimes its those with disabilities, that understand whats needed than whats commonly out there. Kudos to your friend.

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john's Avatarg8_badge

I've been stuck in Daytona traffic at bikeweek a million times. In clutch, out clutch, In clutch, out clutch, In clutch, out clutch, till my wrist was on fire. I can see this on my bike.

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sunto's Avatar

You could be a product tester John . I wish your mate well and hope he gets some interest in his interesting product .

I was watching a video of a young lady driving a car with her feet the other day amazing how some people cannot be held back from keeping their independence.

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colleennoonan's Avatar

John- your friend did a great job on the video showcasing the benefits! He's one talented guy! 

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kimmyk's Avatargold

I know nothing about motorcycles, but he obviously has a great product born from necessity.  He did an excellent job of explaining it, too.  How awesome!

Sidebar... Interesting how so many people from NY never lose their accents!  And is he related to the psychic on TV?

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carlmadams's Avatarg8_badge


I'm now a Nick fan after watching that video. I love his passion and enthusiasm for innovation and riding.

Best of luck to you both. 

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