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Final project ideas

engineer13's Avatar

Hey people,

I’m about to start my uni final year project. For this i need to create a new invention that hasn’t been done before and i’m now stuck for ideas. My first idea was using a line array speaker in a home theater to increase the level at one spot for a death person… Its been done. Then i thought of using sensors for a hand tapping drum that can work as a DAW midi instrument… Been done. Can anybody give suggestions on cool, innovative, technology based projects that haven’t been done (Apps, midi instruments, acoustics – anything)? They need to relate to sound!

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joekur's Avatar

Hi Jake,

A couple of things come to mind as I read your question. First, I do appreciate your search for information here — welcome to Edison Nation, by the way! And you are researching your ideas to determine their uniqueness — bravo!

Also, you probably will not find a more helpful bunch of innovators anywhere on the internet than what we have here at EN. However, I feel fairly confident in saying that if any of the inventors here were to have an idea such as what you seek, something unique and potentially patentable, they would likely pursue the idea on their own or with trusted co-inventors, as it could be a profitable endeavor for them. Furthermore, if by chance a very generous reader here had an idea or concept that was evolved enough and researched enough to fit your criteria, and they were willing to give it away to you, this public forum would not be the place to divulge it — a private message or conversation would be more in keeping with the (perhaps unwritten) standard of not discussing the particulars of any ideas here “in the open.”

Being a successful innovator can mean different things to different people, but I dare say that a majority of inventors will have the potential for profit written somewhere in their equation. Public disclosure, as it seems your school project will be (unless your professor has agreed to sign an NDA, or you plan on filing a PPA for your own idea, for example), is extremely problematic with regards to intellectual property concerns and thus profitability.

So, Jake, my feeling is, if you educate yourself about the invention process (and this website is jam-packed with resources, answers to questions frequently asked, etc), and learn to ask the right questions (that have not already been answered many times over here in the forums), you will have friendly people eager to help if it is within their means and their judgment to do so.

Best of luck to you!

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kdc's Avatar

No matter the volume, I don’t think a death person will hear it. I think you may mean a ‘deaf’ person. But hey, that comment did wake me up when I read it. LOL…. best of luck to you.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Jake and welcome to Edison Nation!

While we encourage active conversation on these forums, we always warn against discussing full details on ideas as you are publicly disclosing them by posting.

As Joseph indicated, if you would like to have a private discussion, you can do that via Edison Nation private messaging. We also invite you to check out resources available on our Blog: blog.edisonnation.com to learn more.

Best of luck!

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