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Hi everyone,

In this month’s installment of ProtoTYPING, Jeremy is going to open up the floor and take YOUR questions. Do you have questions about building prototypes, want to know more about something you’ve seen on Jeremy’s blog, or do you just have a general engineering question?

Post your questions below no later than Monday, December 9 at 12:00 pm EST. Jeremy will select some of your questions to answer in his upcoming ProtoTYPING post.

Not familiar with ProtoTYPING? Catch up on Jeremy’s blog posts here: http://blog.edisonnation.com/category/prototyping/

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Jeremy, did you really burn yourself when developing Germ Master for EE Season 4?

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Hi Jeremy,

I was wondering what the most intuitive, but reasonably affordable CAD-CAM software is. I feel I really need to learn this, especially with the price of 3D printing dropping so fast. But the learning curve involved has me spooked. I’ve heard Rhino3D is good from some people, decent price and intuitive. Whichever one you recommend, whose training materials to you recommend?


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REMINDER: Don’t forget to post your questions before Monday’s deadline!

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Hi Jeremy…….. I wondered what would be the largest prototype (size limits for a single part) you would be able to produce for an item that would normally be manufactured using an injection molding technique? Also what process would you use to make the above prototype that would give similar results to having something injection molded or if you have those capabilities?


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Don’t know if these make sense but here goes:

1. If you are dealing with an idea that has inherent properties that are material dependent, such as strength, elasticity or flexibility – What measures do you employ to demonstrate that the idea works if the materials proposed in the invention are not normally employed in the initial prototyping process?

2. Is there ever a cost limitation on a prototype?

3. I like to think that people involved in the prototyping process are unique in that they can apply many different ways of thinking to the process – Will the availability of the 3D printing process result in a ‘dumbed down’ concept discovery stage; as the technology overtakes the skill set required?

4. Related to #3 above – what is your background and what hobbies do you enjoy?

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Thanks everyone for your questions!

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I thought I’d bump this post back to the top for those who had submitted questions for Jeremy Losaw’s December blog concerning protoTYPING as seen through the eyes of Edison Nation. There’s good information for anyone else as well. Just click on the link above to see the answers. It looks like Jeremy was able to take the time from his busy schedule to answer almost all of the questions submitted!!

Thanks… Jeremy

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Hi Jeremy
As a specialist in prototypes can you recommend a way to get a prototype made
that includes building a circuit board on a shoestring budget.
Many thanks,
Chris Street

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Hi Mourad!

As you are looking to hire someone to help develop a product, we suggest you check out our sister company, Enventys – www.enventys.com.

Best of luck!

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