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Inventing: Product Standardization

chappy75's Avatar

While we, as inventors, seek to create unique applications to solve consumer problems we should be aware of industry standards of ancillary businesses that make a living in serving the industry we are inventing for. 

I am going through this right now with the Bay Glider. There are many companies that create aftermarket products for personal watercraft (PWC). These can be life blood to any company for longevity. What I am finding in Yak Attack, LLBean, Oar Board, Ocean Kayak and other ancillary companies is that I can get more momentum by helping others make money too.

product standardization

Definition- process of setting generally uniform characteristics for a particular good or service. Product standardization among the goods provided by different businesses operating in technology-based industries can be useful for consumers since it permits competition among the various suppliers.

Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/product-standardization.html#ixzz46gE5UOp3

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jdowney9000's Avatargold

Six sigma home slice (or robust engineering)!

AKA - Optimization.



But limit your calculations according to your "sig figs" (significant figures).

Because baking cakes to peak moisture requires adjustment for barometric pressure.

James Chapman
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chappy75's Avatar

Yes, Optimizing vs. Accessorizing. You Optimize a product beyond the threshold of being customizable. 

Kayaks, Paddle Boards and boats have HUGE after market industries. What other industries do we invent for that have secondary markets that depends on base product sales?

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sunto's Avatar

I see you like playing outside the box James 

Interesting post 

Will I ever stop learning. Looks like I lave my work cut out I think I need a new hard drive .

James Chapman
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chappy75's Avatar

lol David...

Yeah, it is crazy how much there really is to learn in this world. Especially when we start on an unfamiliar path. 

It is funny because no matter how far I get I feel like I have just begun. Even though I see so much of the road behind me. The cool thing is that there is still so much road ahead and the beginning is just around the next corner. What is more is that Even when I get there I am sure the same feeling will come up again of almost being at the beginning. I am very excited.

Learning how to leverage industry-wide product standardization means the world to me. I thought I had 12 vertical markets to play off my base product. What I am finding now is that if I play nice and don't try to disrupt the aftermarket industry there are actually a few channels to develop and license products to. They will make the lions share of money but I can focus on building boards and if all goes right, my company will have a license portfolio. That is an interesting strategy.

Again, I am so excited!

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