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Need help for Non Commercial Water Farm invention

alex_selkirk's Avatar

I have an idea I’d like to see developed. A Water Farm – A way to farm gallons of water from the high humidity air each day. Similar to a solar still I supposed it would have to be but much larger or designed differently to capture much more water than solar still can.

( A solar still doesn’t use solar panels, just the heat of the sun to form condensate water. More on solar stills at Wikipedia)

I have air with say 85 percent humidity and I need gallons a day – How would you do it?

The idea is to develop this for non commercial use. An invention anyone can make easily with easily obtained materials.

It could be built up if ground space is an issue. I assume the Water Farm would have to use plastic sheets to trap the water droplets but how could you design say a vertical say 5 square by 10 feet high with many layers of plastic perhaps all feeding one container. Just my initial ideas, but how would you do it?

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Alex,

If you are interested in submitting an idea for licensing evaluation to Edison Nation, you will need to do it using our secure online submission system. We highly discourage any of our members to include details of their inventions within these forums, as it is public disclosure of the intellectual property.

To learn more about how to submit your idea and our process, check out our Help area here: www.edisonnation.com/faq.

Best of luck!

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Check out these links…



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