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oDesk or Elance

joshelsom's Avatar

Has anyone used either of these website to hire a developer or engineer?

If so, how was the experience?



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cowboykirk's Avatar

I have used oDesk. I posted my project, evaluated a LOT of engineers responses and chose my guy. After a brief spurt of work, things slowed down and it took a long time to get finished. My mistake was not hiring one of the higher priced engineers (still cheaper than a US engineer). oDesk has an NDA that all contractors are supposed to abide by, I supplied my own anyway, just to make sure my engineer/contractor understood the rules of engagement. In short, I hired a student who had SolidWorks on his computer, but was not an experienced mechanical designer/engineer. I should have paid more, I’d have gotten more – I’m sure.

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chicagoinventor's Avatarg8_badge

I don’t have experience with either one, be careful to make sure there are procedures and non-disclosure agreements in place so your idea is protected.

Were you talking about website development, or prototype development? If you’re looking for help with CAD renderings or prototypes, two EN members have been praised in these forums many times for their work. I suggest you send friend requests to John Vilardi and Tim Hayes so you can then email them for details on their services.

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awildx's Avatargold

As mentioned, protect yourself with an NDA if you’re revealing ideas.

I’ve used oDesk for website development, seo, writing, proofreading, sales prospect research, graphics work…I always go with high rated contractors who can clearly understand my language and instructions.

I doubt I could have found anyone near me to do my customized shopping cart website for a fraction of what I had an entire team doing it for on oDesk.

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joshelsom's Avatar

Thanks, guys. Understood, on the NDA. I’ve filed a PPA, but I’m not certain that protects me from someone filing overseas. So, yes, I will make certain that an NDA is in place.

I’m actually looking for an electronic engineer to design a printed circut board for my idea. My prototype will work just fine using an Arduino board and other off the shelf electronic boards and components. However, most of those components have features and hardware that are not required for my applicaiton. I want to get the parts stripped down and integrated onto one board. Moreover, I don’t want to pay retail, or even wholesale for 5 different boards, when I can easily have someone integrate everything into one part. Make sense?

Do you know of anyone on the forums who has invented something involving electronics?

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