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Patent Search

cnormans's Avatar

Hello, i would like to apply for a patent but i found out that it would be of an essence to do a patent search before. Most of the companies that provide a patent search service seem to be pretty expensive. On the other hand the free USTPO and espacenet platforms do require some previous knowledge on IP. Does someone know about a cheap or free way to conduct an efficient patent search? any advice is appreciated!!!

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williamj's Avatargold

Hi Chloe, Welcome to EdisonNation and the EdisonNation Forums !!!

The cheapest way would be to submit to EN and let them do the leg work as 'patentability' is part of their evaluation process. They'll find out if it has been previously patented or if there is any kind of 'prior art' hiding out there somewhere.

Best of luck

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pegman's Avatar

There will be "prior art" if you do a patent search. How that prior art affects patentability will depend on how claims are written in a patent application and of course the obvious would be if the exact same idea is patented or on the market. If you are willing to let Edison Nation take control of the idea, like William said, let EN handle all of it. I'd do some work searching the USPTO database, but then consider a law firm do one also.

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