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lifehvacr's Avatar

I have been an Inventor since the year 2000 I submitted my invention to invent Tech who later new that my provisional patent wouldn't hold up. Well now I've submitted to Edison Nation who has turned it down 3 times and I'm wondering why because they told me simularity of products is out there like mine well in 2000 when invent Tech Corporation or someone from their took the idea made it like the suggestions that was asking me to make it which is a message board. Well like I was told I was ahead of my time as far as technology the way I wanted it made now it scares me that it will get turned down now and stolen and made the way I needed to be made because the technology is now here please someone give me some suggestions I don't understand.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Jeffrey!

We do not discuss idea-specific details within the forums as it is public disclosure, however, in response to your question as well as your message on support, if you feel your idea is unique enough to secure a patent in response to feedback you received, you're welcome to update it and submit it for additional consideration. 

If the feedback you received cites existing IP and/or products that would potentially hinder our ability to secure a patent, be sure, if you are going to update the idea, to clearly outline what is unique and innovative about the idea you are outlining.

We wish you the best of luck no matter the path you decide to take.

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