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*Seeking Electronic Engineer to Tell Me If My Idea is Feasible*

ontosomething's Avatar

Greetings All!

I am new to the “inventor” industry. In fact, I never set out to be an inventor. I just happened to stumble upon what I believe to be a very good idea for a new product. I am sure you have heard that last sentence a million times ;) Anyway, I have been reading books on this subject matter and doing a lot of research. Prior to going any further on my quest though, I have a major question. If the product that I am thinking about sounds amazing on paper, but I am not 100% sure it’s even possible to make, how do I answer that question first, before filing a PPA? I have scoured Google Patents and nothing like my product exists. The product would require some small electronic engineering. But first, I want to know if an EE thinks my idea is even feasible. I live close to a university, so I was thinking about taking a meeting with one of the EE students or faculty to talk to them about my idea. But I want to make sure I am protected. I also don’t want to pay the PPA fee and then find out from an EE that my idea is not even possible. Do I just use an NDA and ask the EE to sign it before asking them my question? Or do I get the PPA first before even knowing if my product is possible to make? Thank you so much for your time and advice, I really appreciate it!

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joekur's Avatar

Hi Ross, and welcome to Edison Nation! Although I don’t feel qualified to try to answer your question completely, I do have a couple of things to throw out there. I think you’re exactly on the right track with making sure you have an NDA in place before you discuss your idea with anyone. I’m not sure how easy it will be for you to find an EE willing to sign an NDA and offer their advice without them charging a fee, but I’m sure it’s possible. If you have any personal connections, i.e. a friend of a friend or relative, all the better.

Many years ago, I hired a Patent Agent to do a patent search for me. This Patent Agent also happened to be an electrical engineer. My invention didn’t require any electrical engineering, but if it had I imagine I could have gotten two services at once. Of course I would have expected to pay for both, but maybe not too much more, as both issues involved professional opinions, and the “will it work” question perhaps would require a lot less research for an EE than the patentability question.

Anyway, just my two cents. Perhaps someone here with a lot more knowledge of the engineering trades will pitch in and provide some more helpful advice.

Best of luck to you, Ross!

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rockwayheath63's Avatar

Hello Ross,
You’re at the right place. For $25 you can safely submit your idea to Edison Nation and run it through the 8 Stage Process. $20 if you choose an Insider Membership and you’ll receive feedback. Be careful who you involve with your ideas and good luck! =)

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psinventor's Avatargold
The building part is the learning curve of discovery. You need to be the guy discovoring the secrets not some engineer .

This is the time to pull back and quietly think through what you have and not meeting with people and talking.

There has to be a way for you to frankenstein existing components on your own from some other product into your idea. My advice is go to the hardware stores or electronics stores and see if you can find anything you could cut from a brand new off the shelf item. What donor thing could you get your hands on right now to see if your invention can work? If your idea is too complicated, you need to find a simpler way to build it. Forget the PPA. If you do get your invention to work it most likely won’t resemble that $140 provisional you filed. Spend the money on parts because once you have the working prototype in your hand, you have everything to move forward on your own.
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ontosomething's Avatar

Hello and thank you all for your responses to my post. Just to clarify…if I was to submit my idea to the 8 Stage Process here on Edison Nation, does Edison Nation then seek to partner on ownership if they like the idea and give it the green light? Or is there a way for them just to critique it and say for example, “hey, your idea has gone through our experts and we think your idea is legit and feasible and you should proceed.”
At this point, I just want someone to tell me if the electronic engineering required in my product is even possible before I proceed. If it WAS possible and could be manufactured, then it would most likely be something I would want to start a company around versus licensing out.
Thanks for the info!

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Ross,

Edison Nation looks to commercialize ideas submitted by our innovator community. We evaluate if deals are feasible utilizing our eight-stage process. To have your idea evaluated by an engineering team, you may want to check out our sister company, Enventys, for more information – www.enventys.com.

Best of luck!

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