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Sustainable Idea help

versus54's Avatar

Hi All,

I am hoping you may be able to help me out with a build.  I have limited engineering experience with this type of project, but really am just looking for some high level ideas to point me in the right direction so I can really start researching areas or applicable technologies.  

What I am looking to create is an alert system using the most affordable (from production cost standpoint), smallest, and accurate within range (let's say 30 ft) technology available. I would like to create two devices: 1) Device 1 that acts like a transmitter that can be carried very easily in a wallet or on a key chain and 2) Device 2 that can alert someone if Device 1 is within a nearby range, let's say within 30 feet. The alert on Device 2 can be an audible sound or small flashing of a light on the device itself. I would like Device 2 to also be as small and portable as possible (Eventually to be suctioned cupped to different surfaces). 

I would like that both devices also be as efficient on power as possible. Battery is preferable for Device 1, and Device 2 should be able to be both battery operated or plugged into an AC Adapter or Car Charger.

Generally, the main direction I am looking for as of now is for ideas for what can be used for the proximity alert function--not sure if there is some RFID technology that would work or something similar.  

Again, appreciate you reading this and lending some ideas.   

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williamj's Avatargold

Hi Joshua, first of all Welcome to EDISON NATION and the EDISON NATION FORUMS !!!

You are about to step into the realm of electronics and radio frequencies (rf). I have no idea as to your level of knowledge or experience so I am going to assume that you are a novice and are totally new to this field of endeavor.

Google is your friend. Google hobby, student and beginner electronics and components. You will find tons of links that will take you to instruction and complete ready to use, easy to use and simple components, including those related to rf. One such component is the Arduino controler and component line of electronic components and electronic learning. Their are tons more brands of controllers and components... I just can't think of them right now.

Best of luck...

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Joshua!

While I'll let the community members provide guidance for your question, please keep in mind these Edison Nation forum threads are public, so we strongly advise against mentioning details on any concept that is not patent-protected.

Best of luck!

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en1501's Avatar

There are all sorts of proximity alerting devices that trigger if two devices become separated, such as when a camera tripod starts walking away when the photographer is shooting hand-held.  You seem to want to alert when two devices approach each other but that's really similar.  Maybe you can flip a switch and go from detecting separation to detecting closeness... theft prevention to property recovery.  There are all sorts of things on the market and some use your phone as one device.      

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whoayea's Avatarg8_badge

I would definitely check out Arduino and all their shields.  You're first prototype may be large and a little cumbersome, but once you prove the concept you can strip out a lot of the  bells and whistles of the Arduino and shield to get it to just what you want.  If you search long enough you should be able to find plenty of tutorials on how to use certain shields with Arduino.

They make some bluetooth stuff that's pretty small and low powered that has a range close to the distance you're looking for.  Think about all those wearable fitness trackers.  They all use bluetooth to transfer info to your phone.  

Here's a couple sites that carry Arduino and Arduino shields:



They both have pretty extensive help guides with most/all of their products.  

Hope that helps.  Good luck!

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