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X on stage 4

coffeey1111's Avatar

I got an “X” on stage 4 regarding a design issue. I have made additions and would like to resubmit. How do I resubmit a failed submittion afer you made changes?

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williamj's Avatargold

Scott, once a submission has received a RedX it can no longer be resubmitted to the same search it received a RedX in. You can, however, resubmit to another “appropriate” search once you have addressed the issues given in your insider feedback. Being an Insider, resubmissions are free but Insider points are not awarded for “resubmissions”.

Best of luck

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Scott,

One last alternative would be to create a second submission and submit it again noting that it has been updated for reconsideration.

Best of luck!

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edcase's Avatar

I got X on stage 4. Is this the end of the road? Waiting for the reason. What to do next?

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rockwayheath63's Avatar

Hi Edna,
You should see “The EN Team has left you feedback..” under your submission. Click that link and use that feedback to make changes to your idea.
Then you’re ready to follow Michelles advice "One last alternative would be to create a second submission and submit it again noting that it has been updated for reconsideration.

Best of luck!"

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magurn's Avatar

Hello Edna,

If you received a red X on your idea, the review team is no longer considering it in the evaluation process.

Regarding feedback, if you upgraded to an Insider AFTER submitting the idea, the idea would not qualify for feedback – feedback is not retroactive.

That being said, let’s take a look at what happens at Stage 4 and possible next steps:
What happened?
We have reviewed your idea and determined there is either a stronger, competing product available OR, it is a product that while unique, would not resonate strongly enough with consumers.

What can you do now?
Try again! Take another look at your idea as well as the market for your idea.

Ask yourself:
-Does this idea truly set itself apart from potential competitive products and offer up a “better than” solution?
-Will this idea make a consumer stop and think, “I Want That!”?
-Think about the big picture…what is my product, how may it be packaged, branded, marketed and driven to success at retail.

Once you have completed your research, Update your submission and resubmit (as you are an Insider now, opting your idea into another applicable search is free).

Submit another idea! Click here to check out our other active searches!

Hope this information is helpful and best of luck!

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edcase's Avatar

Thank you.

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dxflyer's Avatar

Hi Edna, I know what Michelle wrote sounds complicated, but once you become more familiar with the 8 stages you can begin to anticipate how your idea would move through their system. There is loads of information here in the forums on how to better equip your idea. One good place to start is here. There are more lesson plans written by Roger Brown, you can search for him in the forums. Best of Luck! And don’t give up.

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